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Hadron expanse campaign

Hadron expanse rules
Your faction has sent a task force to explore and exploit the expanse. 

First decide on the system you are fighting over. You can choose to fight and claim an existing system or search for a new one. If one player decides to fight for existing system worlds that takes precedence
If both players decide to search new systems randomly generate a system here:

Take a screenshot or write down the details. 

If both sides want to roll again they can until either side is happy.

1500 points. No primarchs or lords of war. 

There are no modifiers for exploratory missions. The points below are fixed. Each exploratory fleet is self supporting (hence small)
Win 5 points. Loss 1 point. +1 for massacre. 
Points can be spent to secure neutral territory 
Winners choose to spend points first. 
Points can also be used to build bases as per:
Bases will eventually influence modifiers in the expanse. 

Planetary worth. 

uninhabited rock/ice planets: 5
Artefacts etc: 1
Uninhabited terrestrial worlds: 10
Inhabited colonies: 20
Civilised/mining/all other worlds: 30
All civilisations are human 


Results will be described once they have been found and activated.


if a world is civilised the winner may attempt to add the world to its faction. +2 for winning. +3 massacre 

Orks: 6+
Imperial forces: 5+
Tau: 5+
Chaos: 5+
Necrons: 6+
Eldar: 6+
*winners go first*

Once discovered, factions may fight standard battles in the Expanse - they may NOT explore new territory or conduct diplomatic missions
Points: 1pt per 500 pts +1 per massacre. Can take territory as per the core rules

1000-1500 point battles can explore, take territory (counting as explorator - 5pts win 1pt loss).
Instead of taking territory fleet wins can take control of space lanes. Controlling a space lane restricts supply for all other factions. All space lanes start as neutral. More will be added as more systems are found.

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The Foramen Campaign: How it works

The campaign for the Foramen Interdictum works much like any other campaign in the society. Basically, you gain points for winning games, then can spend the points on gaining territory or building resources for your faction.

The Foramen Campaign is the battle for the control and domination of four uninhabited worlds which are critical for the control of the Foramen Interdictum, the only stable route through the Cicatrix Maledictum in the sector.

The systems of Paradorn, Tarlius, Destino and Vandrax are being assaulted by all factions in order to dominate the Foramen and prevent their enemies from gaining easy access between the two halves of the galaxy.

All factions are represented but thes are: Imperium, Alliance (Tau and Federacy), Eldar, Chaos, Necrons and Tyranids.

So how does it work?

For each win you get a number of points equal to each 500 or part points played. So a win at 1500 points gets 3 campaign points. If you massacre (wipe out). Add 1. That's the easy bit. What can you *do* with these points?

1 - Take Territory
Each system is broken into planetary systems with a number of squares. These squares represent the inherent value of the planet. Small number of squares, limited value. Large number of squares, more value. It doesn't necessarily mean the planet is smaller, just less value.

When you gain campaign points you can take any neutral square (blank squares) no matter who you played. At Paradorn however, you can already see that the forces of chaos (red), Imperium (blue) and Eldar (purple) have fought over all the neutral territory, and there are no Neutral squares left (don't worry, there are plenty of neutral squares on other worlds in the campain, only Paradorn has been fought over so far, but it is at the end of two Foramen paths!

Once all territory has been taken, you must now wrestle territory off someone else by defeating them. Therefore if you want to take the outer planet, you need to defeat the Imperium. Note that on the first planet, there is already a war between Chaos and Imperium going on.

2 - Build settlements (more territory!) - 1 per square

You can increase the value of your world by creating more squares above and below the existing "line" (some planets are already multi line. You can add one line above and one line below). The maximum expansion is one line above and one line below. This represents building of a base on the world, but it is as yet undefended!

3 - Build Forts - 3 points

For 3 points, you can turn any square into a fort. This fort turns the square into a square worth 3 points. It now takes 3 points to wrestle it off you. Also, the squares cannot be taken "behind" until the fort is overcome. This is especially important on multi level planets and if you create settlements. Up to HALF the squares on a world may be "forts".

4 - Build a spaceport - 2 per square

For 2 points a square (turning each square into a "worth" of two) you can convert a square of four squares into a spaceport, or a 3x3 square into a large spaceport. Apart from upgrading your base, this also confers benefits. If you have a spaceport in a system, you gain +1 in ALL games you win in the system. If you have a large spaceport, you gain +1 and if you lose the enemy gains one LESS point than they otherwise would. A planet can have one space port.

5 - Build Defense Lasers - 3 points

You can build up to two defence laser silos on a world. These are like forts in that they are worth 3 points, but they don't confer any defensive capability (they cost 1 to take). However, a planet must have no defence lasers on it for an enemy to conduct and invasion, and must be raided (see below).*
*Exception - if you have space control (fleets in system and no enemy fleets contesting)

6 - Rudimentary base - 1 point

Any square can be converted into a base. This represents various military base equipment. This costs one point and converts the square to be worth 2 points (to take). It also counts as an asset (see invasion)

7 - Conduct a raid - cost variable

You can destroy assets (such as defence lasers, which might be helpful!) of your enemy by conducting a raid. Win a raid and get points equal to or above the cost of the asset you are raiding, and you remove the asset. You do not however take the square or squares. You can "damage" a space port by destroying one or more of its squares. It is non functional until repaired.

8 - Conduct an invasion - 3/4 points

Once one faction controls all the squares on a planet and has at least one asset (fort, defence laser, spaceport), it cannot merely be invaded*. Now an enemy must conduct an "invasion". You will need at least 3 points to create a beachhead, and it only gets you one square (though you can choose which one). That square cannot have assets in it except rudimentary base assets, but this increases the base cost of invasion to 4. Note you need to raid defence lasers first!*
*Exception - if you have space control (fleets in system and no enemy fleets contesting)

9 - Space station - 18 points

This costs 18 points to build. Details on this later. You need to control ALL planets in a system to build one.

 - Ask me any questions! Advanced campaign rules will be coming, showing how these rules are actually applicable ACROSS the sector and in all campaigns.

Note, you can use your points in any feasible way on ONE planet at a time. You can't use it across worlds, not even in the same system from one battle.*
*Exception - if you have space control (fleets in system and no enemy fleets contesting)

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